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the sun sets anywhere


The Sun Sets Anywhere is a collection of ten nonfiction stories that take place across six continents. Clara Pang weaves revealing narratives from the places she has lived and the experiences she has had in them—how easy it was to connect with the people in South Africa and how hard in India, how much work it took to be in a relationship with a surfer in Brazil, how a journey through the pristine desolation of Namibia exposed her to danger both emotional and physical, and how a sojourn in the spiritual magnet of Bali, in Indonesia, introduced her to seekers both serious and ridiculous. 

Pang’s adventures invite you to travel through the intimate, the strange, and even the otherworldly—with coincidences in time and place that question an inter-connectedness among people in this world (and possibly beyond) that we may not fully understand.

Spanning more than twenty years, The Sun Sets Anywhere is an exploration of why we choose to venture to foreign places and, ultimately, what we seekto gain from travel. 

The Sun Sets Anywhere
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